All-electric Carrier Transicold Vector eCool units added to our fleet

We recently took delivery of three Carrier Transicold Vector® eCool™ units, becoming the latest UK company to specify the world’s first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system, thereby cutting our fleet's emissions.

The new Vector eCool systems will operate with the engineless versions of the Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19 MT (multi-temperature) and Vector 1550 on two 13.6-metre trailers, with an additional Vector HE 19 MT mounted on a smaller double-axle urban trailer, all built by Gray & Adams.

They join our temperature-controlled rental fleet of close to 2,000 trucks and trailers – which is around 90% Carrier-cooled – and will demonstrate to our customers that the Vector eCool system can deliver significant sustainability benefits and cost savings.

“We’ve been working with Carrier for more than 25 years,” said John Fletcher, our Managing Director. “They are peerless in the industry for quality, support and innovation – so we were excited to see the Vector eCool in action, and we weren’t disappointed. Now, we want to showcase these trailers to customers so that they can see for themselves how the technology can deliver a cost-effective alternative to diesel power that ticks all the right boxes from an environmental perspective. We exhibited one of our new trailers at the ITT Hub event in May.”

The Vector eCool unit combines Carrier’s E-Drive™ all-electric technology with a new cutting-edge energy recovery and storage system. This converts kinetic energy generated by the trailer axle and brakes into electric power, which is stored in a battery pack that powers the refrigeration unit – a loop that creates the industry’s first fully autonomous system, producing no direct carbon dioxide (CO2) or particulate emissions.

The trailers can be plugged into the electrical grid when parked and fully charge in just two hours using a standard five-pin, three-phase standby plug. The system is also ultra-low noise, operating below the PIEK standard, which combined with its emissions performance means it offers the ultimate solution to tightening inner city and urban regulations, while creating a more harmonious working environment for drivers.

“With the red diesel rebate removed and the cost of fuel in general going through the roof, this technology ties in closely with what we are trying to promote as a business to our customers. We want to be able to show that there are workable alternatives – which mostly come from Carrier – available for all types of temperature-controlled vehicles, and we’re certain the Vector eCool system will fit into that bracket perfectly,” added John Fletcher.

With more than 85 years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector, we're eager to add more sustainable refrigeration systems to our rental fleet.

“Being able to introduce the Vector eCool together with Dawsongroup to its rental customers in this way represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase the future of refrigerated trailer technology is available today,” said Scott Dargan, Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe, Carrier Transicold. “We’re excited to demonstrate how effective the system is at lowering fleet emissions for Dawsongroup’s customer base, while proving how simply and effectively it can fit into standard operations without the concerns and constraints typically associated with engineless technologies.”

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