Dennis Pratley – making a significant contribution to Dawsondirect’s success for 20 years

As our used sales business, Dawsondirect sells vehicles that no longer fit our fleet portfolio, and plays an important role in the ongoing fleet renewal process.

It enables us to churn our 11,000-plus assets and keep them refreshed and updated with new models, designs, technologies, and safety features.

Over the last 24 months, Dawsondirect achieved phenomenal success, ending both years way ahead of forecasts and budgets.

Like all businesses, though, success isn’t just about senior management and the big deals; it also relies on those who have their boots on the ground – those who make sure that the shop floor jobs get done every day – and without whom business would grind to a halt.

Every member of the Dawsondirect team prides themselves on selling vehicles of the highest standards, and its recent stellar success has meant that Vehicle Valeter/Detailer, Dennis Pratley, has been busier than ever prepping trucks ready for their new owners.

Working with Sales Manager, Colin Lee, Dennis is a key member of the Dawsondirect team and ensures consistent and exceptional service delivery, not just during what has been a record period for Dawsondirect but throughout his 20-year career at Dawsongroup.

During 2021 alone, Dennis made a significant contribution to the sale of around 150 trucks and trailers through our Milton Keynes depot, resulting in record income and profit.

Dennis is not one to hang around. He’s usually in work by 6am and getting on with what needs to be done. He spends his day making sure that vehicles that come back from rental or contract hire leave us as shipshape as possible – clean, tidy, and well-maintained, with everything working as it should – so that our customers won’t be disappointed.

Every day is different for Dennis, and he spends his time producing damage estimates and reports on what work needs to be done on a vehicle, organising any necessary repairs, finding and fixing faults, valeting, and handing vehicles over to customers.

He likes to be busy and will always find something that needs doing, whether it’s jet-washing a vehicle or keeping the yard tidy. As he said: “There’s nothing worse than having nothing to do.”

He also takes great pride in his work. “I love my job and I’m happy doing it,” Dennis said. “Some vehicles come into us in quite a state, but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a damaged truck leave us in tip-top condition. That sense of achievement is the main reason why I’ve stayed so long.”

“Dawsondirect does a lot of repeat business,” Dennis explained, “and many of our customers are so confident that we’ll do such a good job, they buy vehicles from us without even seeing them.”

Reflecting on the many changes he’s seen over his 20 years with us, he added: “It’s amazing how the company has adapted to new technology and how it’s evolved so quickly. Compliance is another area that’s changed so much. It’s not just the amount of work that's now involved, but also the additional responsibilities we’ve had to take on board.”

Being so busy in his day job, Dennis likes to find time to relax, and he especially likes fishing with his mates. “It’s great fun and allows me to totally forget about work – at least until the next time I need to be in the yard at six o’clock!”

Well done, Dennis, and thanks for all your hard work. It’s great to have you on board and, with over 220 pre-sales already agreed across Dawsondirect, we’re going to need you more than ever. Here’s to many more successful years with the team!

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