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Did you know that the Direct Vision Standard (DVS), with its focus on HGVs, comes into full effect on the 28th October this year?

Matt Watson, Head of Fleet for Dawsongroup truck and trailer, shares his insights about Direct Vision Standard and the impact it will have on fleets operating across London.

If you are a Transport or Fleet Manager overseeing a fleet of trucks over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight then this affects you.

My advice is act now!

Simply contact our knowledgeable team at Dawsongroup truck and trailer to find out how to become compliant from day one.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the last minute as you could face a hefty Penalty Charge Notice of up to £550.

What is DVS?

The DVS rating measures how much an HGV driver can see through their cab windscreen & windows, and it indicates a level of risk to vulnerable road users (VRUs).

It forms part of the Mayor of London’s ‘Vision Zero’ plan to “eliminate all deaths and serious injury by 2041 in London”.

VRUs include pedestrians, cyclists, and motorbikes.

DVS employs a star rating system, ranging from zero to five stars, with zero indicating poor direct vision and five signifying excellent visibility. From 28th October 2024, all HGVs need to achieve a three-star rating.

If your vehicle is achieving this rating, you can apply for a free permit online or through your local Dawsongroup depot. However, if your vehicle is not three star then you must retro fit a Progressive Safe System (PSS).

You can check the DVS Star Rating of your vehicle using the following Transport for London site:

What is the Progressive Safety System (PSS)?

The Progressive Safe System includes several components, such as Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS), Blind Spot Information Systems (BSIS), Camera Monitoring Systems, audio warnings, and warning signage. These systems aim to enhance road safety by improving visibility and warning drivers about the presence of vulnerable road users.

One important thing to note is that PSS must be fitted and signed off by a competent engineer installer, something our team can help you arrange.

To find out more about DVS and how it will affect your fleet, please read the Dawsongroup DVS 2024 Guide (attached to the bottom of the page) or visit:

If you have any questions or need some support maintaining your fleet compliance, please contact  your local depot

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