Andrew Muir –the Hadrian’s Cycleway Challenge in aid of Transaid and my cycling story

Three of us at Dawsongroup truck and trailer are taking on a 157-mile coast to coast challenge across northern England in aid of one of our Open Hands charities. Here’s my cycling story...

My interest and involvement in cycling began when I was 16 after I was mesmerised by the spectacle of the Tour De France on TV. 

The race that year was the closest-run competition, won by just eight seconds, by an American rider called Greg Lemond. He won on the very last day, turning a deficit of around one minute into an eight-second win on the Champs Elysees. That was it, I was hooked! 

Living in Wigan, the cycling terrain was great - either flat roads to Southport or inland to the areas of Rivington with summits like Winter Hill.   

Gradually, the distances I was riding began to get longer and I’d disappear for hours; I just enjoyed the freedom and speed.  

Moving to Huddersfield for three years at university, I carried on cycling. I rode with the local club and made good friends; some I still keep in contact with now.   

After my studies, I landed my first job in Leeds which meant that I could continue living in Huddersfield and enjoy riding in the area.   

A move with work to Kent followed a year or so later and, still living in Kent now, I continue to ride. Having initially moved to the area not knowing anyone, cycling provided me with an avenue to meet people and create a new friendship base locally.    

When I signed up for the Hadrian’s Cycleway Challenge, I must admit, I knew nothing about what Transaid does, but I had heard of the charity. Having now studied its work, I’m pleased and excited to do something, along with my colleagues, that will help to raise money for the important and valuable work they do.   

Training-wise, I’ve been motivated by the fact that we're doing this ride, and I’ve made sure I’ve ridden as much as I can. The weather has been amazing and, while on holiday in Rhodes recently, I managed to get some mountain biking in, which I really enjoyed. I might have to get one! 

Transaid transforms and saves lives through safe and sustainable transport programmes in Africa - sharing expertise and empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their own lives. 

Small amounts can save lives and make a massive difference! PLEASE DONATE TODAY – no matter how small. 

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