Gareth Williams – getting ready for the Hadrian’s Cycleway Challenge in aid of Transaid

Three of us at Dawsongroup truck and trailer are getting ready to take on a 157-mile coast to coast challenge across northern England in aid of one of our Open Hands charities. Here’s my cycling story...

When I first put my name in the hat for this event in July, it seemed like a great idea - until the reality of cycling nearly 160 miles in two days hit me! 

Also, I normally go mountain biking so getting back on a road bike was quite fun and painful in equal measures! 

Over the last six weeks, I’ve been doing between 50 and 100 miles per week on the road bike along with early morning swims to build up my stamina. 

So far, the experience has been great and I look forward to chasing John and Andrew for two days later this week! 

Being a newbie at Dawsongroup - having only joined in June this year - it still feels weird being a new person in the organisation. That said, the welcome I’ve received has made me feel like a long-timer already, and the team at Avonmouth is nothing short of exceptional.  

At home, I have a wife and two boys, aged 15 and 17. Both are gym boys but they also enjoy going mountain biking with me. However, they’re not so happy about me getting fitter as it now means they’ll have to work that bit harder to keep up!  

The fact that John, Andrew and I can do a ride through such a beautiful part of the country whilst also raising money for charity is a privilege and an honour. 

Transaid does amazing work in Africa. It transforms and saves lives through safe and sustainable transport programmes - empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their own lives. 

For a charity like Transaid, small amounts can make a massive difference and can literally save lives! PLEASE DONATE TODAY – no matter what you can afford. 

I’m looking forward to our ride later this week and boring everyone with pictures of my travels across northern England!

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